Anne Korff

Anne Korff was born in Germany and studied Fine Art in Berlin. She came to Ireland in 1977 and from 1987 worked in her own publishing company, Tír Eolas, to follow her interest in history and archaeology. In order to make a living, Anne used her artistic skills to design and illustrate her publications and run the publishing house. She is a full time painter for the past ten years.

Her work is based on observations made whilst travelling in North African countries, Andalucía and South East Turkey. She was taken by the abstract and meditative qualities of Islamic art architecture and their confrontation with Western cultural influences. She noticed that many symbols and architectural styles used in ancient cultures were also used in Christian and Muslim designs. The designs which are elemental and forceful migrated through the cultures and were influenced by peoples relationship with nature.

“I hope to encourage the viewer to embrace cultural diversity and the opening of a dialogue that might help build bridges between the Christian and Islamic worlds.”

The images in the gallery below are for sale as archival pigment prints at €145.00. If you wish to purchase a painting please contact me.