Belinda Deutinger

Originally from the south of Germany, I moved to Ireland in 1998 where I met my future husband at the Teacher’s Club in Dublin. I am married with two children, and in full time employment.

I was always passionate about Art. Initially self-taught, I started a Diploma in Art in Design course (part time mode) at the DLIADT in Dublin, and finished it off in Galway in 2009, at the same time my first son was born.

I am a typical kitchen table artist and work best late at night with some good music in the background. I still aspire to a nicely kitted out studio in the not so far distant future though.

I am inspired by artists like Andrew Whyte, Colin Thompson, Lucien Freud, Friedensreich Hundertwasser, Elizabeth Magill, and so on. I prefer the figurative and atmospheric depth, but I am open towards all styles; I need to get moved on an emotional level by the art. I also admire technical ability and drawing skills.

Art is my passion. I am not a person of many words, I like to listen, to see, to show, and to create.

05 Oct
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