Hanging Guidlines

General Guidelines for preparing and hanging art work to be shown in theKAVA Courthouse

Every show will be different and these are meant as general guidelines only. We realise that it will not be feasible in some cases to follow these guidelines so each artist will have to interpret them and keep to the spirit of the guidelines as closely as they can within reason. With the guidelines we are aiming to provide a consistent and professional look to every KAVA exhibition.

Be Prepared – you will need 2 or preferably 3 people for hanging your work. There is a ladder in the Courthouse for your use. Allow yourself at least a day for hanging. It can be very time consuming getting all the work fixed, and straight and numbered etc. If you finish early, that’s a bonus. All work needs to be ready for hanging/pre-wired.

You Will Need To Bring With You: Spirit Level, Measuring Tape and Pencil. Please note due to the nature of the building do not use blue tack or hammer nails/screws into the walls.

Hanging Your Work. Whilst all work should be hung centred at around 150 cms (accepted as eye level) from floor level, it is technically not feasible in the Courthouse due to the nature of the building and its d├ęcor and it is recommended:-
Small works (up to A3 size) should be hung at a consistent 50mm above the dado rail.
Larger work may need to be hung close to the top of the dado rail (which may be higher than eye level).

To minimise the possibility of your work hanging out at an angle to the wall use wire rather than cord – wire has no give in it. Secondly ask your framer to fix the wire as close to the top of the work as possible (1/4 way down) allowing for the fact that you want the fixings to be hidden once on the wall. When hanging, if a painting does hang at an angle it may also help to use two picture rail hangers and fix one in each eyelet on the frame.

Do not hang work with covering film on it. Do not put stickers on glass. Be consistent with placing of titles/number – give either beneath the work or to the right (not on the work).

Price List
Numbers can be used on price list to ensure work is correctly identified when sold. Name of Artist, title of work, medium, and price must be on the price list. You will need at least three price lists for public display and some marked Gallery Copy and some which can be removed by viewers.

Opening Night
You will need someone to introduce/open the exhibition and to make sure it is announced who is dealing with sales on the night.
Refreshments if desired and someone to serve them.
Volunteers to clean up after.
Invigilators Have a rota prepared for the length of your exhibition with times, names and phone numbers of volunteers. Arrange handover of key with KAVA.