Kristy Verenga

Kristy Verenga is a painter and installation artist; she has lived worked and exhibited in New York City, Barcelona and Ireland.  Her education included Empire State College in New York and the Fashion Institute of Technology also in New York. She had her own fashion and design company ‘Fiore’  in the 80s . She has taught yoga since 1985 . She was awarded an Irish travel bursary to work in India at the Sanskriti Foundation in Delhi and again taught art in India for a year. She was also awarded a residency in Barcelona at ‘Tecla Sala’ a cultural center.

Process and Practise

The question I have is ‘Who Am I?’. And as an investigation into this question, I use a creative practise as a tool for accessing this inner place of unknowing. I ‘work’ in the studio everyday because it is what the ‘I’ Kristy does.

The actual start point in the studio is one of physical movement; an expression made with marks. The benefit of working every day is that there is a continuation from yesterday so that the conversation and exploration doesn’t dry up and the process remains fresh and fluid.

I use a combination of media; painting, print, ceramic and construction. This provides a contrast and polyphony of themes and materials that provoke a deeper view. For me the layers in the paintings are the layers of thought that actually obscure consciousness which when uncovered will simultaneously provoke a revelation (hopefully!). When put into the light the thoughts disperse and lose power.

I use iconic figures, symbols and references to mythology which have historic and personal reference; a hag, a sibyl, a daemon from an interim realm. I think there is lost magic from the original feminine psyche ,or maybe just an undisclosed magic which needs regenerating at least within myself.

24 Sep
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