Rosaleen Tanham

My sense of place moves and motivates me as an artist.  I am so lucky that my home is in the beautiful West of Ireland on the edge of the Burren.  This place anchors, grounds, nurtures and nourishes me.  Nature is my inspiration: seascapes, skyscapes and landscapes. Trees, plants, shorelines and stones.  Constantly changing, forever surprising and endlessly engaging.  My work is based on this inspiration and I always seem to return to it as a subject because of the limitless possibilities.  The seasons and their slow transition into change reflects in the way I work as I am a slow worker.  Ideas simmer below the surface for a long time before manifesting in some sort of reality.

My preferred disciplines are painting and drawing.  I use a lot of photography as it is a quick and immediate tool that preserves the memory of an exciting, stimulating or more reflective image.  Using the photos as a base, I then develop these ephemeral memories into physical paintings or drawings.